Painting/Staining of Crestview Driveways and Walkways

Our petition to paint/stain our driveways and walkways has been approved by the Villages.

Attached is the mandated Property Alteration Application that must be sumbitted for approval prior to the commencement of any work. That are required to submit this form to:

Click Here To Print Application

Your application can be hand delivered, mailed or faxed to the Committee. There are numerous companies who do this work but remember, as the application stipulates the colors to be used (no deviations), the contractor you select must comply with the colors or you, as the homeowner, will be required to correct any errors. The following companies have expressed an interest in performing this work:

  1. Artisticrete - 352-728-6501 (has done patio and garage floors in Crestview)
  2. Concrete Creations - 352-728-3569 (no Crestview experience)
  3. Carmen Galati - 352-399-1851 (has done patios, garage floors and pressure cleans)

Rates vary from $0.85 to $1.00 per square foot (average area of driveway is 700 sq ft) and then, approximately 12 to15 months later, a flat fee of between $100 - $200 maybe charge for an added clearcoat sealer. The sealer should last 3 years or more and a guarantee of workmanship should be discussed. Negotiate your bet deal.